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Staying Together
While We Shelter
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First United Methodist Church

Our church is closed while we shelter in place in our homes.
We are monitoring voice mail and email so feel free to leave messages. 
Check back frequently for updates and inspirational messages.

See the scripture below.

Know that I am only a phone call away. Let us continue to pray for an end to COVID 19 and for a cure. Please wash your hands, stay at home as much as possible, and let us all be a resource to those who are the most vulnerable.  
Pastor Pablo

Scripture:“Don’t be anxious about anything, rather, bring up all of your requests to God in your prayers and petitions, along with giving thanks. Then the peace of God that exceeds all understanding will keep your hearts and minds safe in Jesus Christ. From now on friends, focus your thoughts on these things: all that is pure, all that is lovely, and all that is worthy of praise.”  (Phil 4:6-8)
Getting Ready to Pray: I invite you for a time of quiet prayer, I invite you to find a comfortable place to sit with your back straight and your legs planted on the ground. Take a few moments to breathe in and breathe out. Spend this time centering yourself to listen to what God may be saying to you during this time of prayer, to listen to what rises up in your heart. Close your eyes for a few moments. As you sit with your eyes closed, use these or similar words: “Here I am, Lord. Here I am.” When you are ready, open your eyes and pray.
a poem by Lynn Ungar 3/11/20
Living Unafraid in the Face of a Pandemic

A Sermon by Adam Hamilton March 15, 2020